Extensions to Commercial Premises

An extension to a commercial property or business is a major undertaking. Adapting and extending your premises is a key part of business planning. Woodman & Blount can assist you in every aspect of extending or adapting your buildings.

Through experience of many types of project, we have an in-depth understanding of the full range of development issues. The decisions made right at the outset of a project have major implications for the final project delivery. We can help you to make informed decisions. We are able to offer you the full range of services required including:


We consider ourselves to be an asset to the preconstruction process assisting with all aspects of the preconstruction stage including feasibility through to budgeting permission and construction documents.

Planning, Design and Build Team

As the main contractor we work with the project team: client, architect, and engineers to ensure the project meets expectations, legal and H&S requirements. We can also recommend architects and engineers if required. We are also responsible for the engagement of subcontractors and we only use those we know and trust and who have a proven track record and commitment to best practice.

Project Management

We fulfill the role of construction management bringing our expertise to the process of scheduling, project administration and team organisation, equipment and materials planning and procurement and quality control, to ensure projects progress correctly.