Alterations to layout/office partitioning

As businesses change their needs change and well designed and installed office partitions can provide a good alternative to relocating or having to 'get by' in less than perfect working conditions. In addition, suitable office partitions can be used by property owners to divide their rentable premises into separate business units, thereby maximising income and providing both expandable and reduceable space.

There are a wide range of partitioning systems available and each offers different qualities according to their use and the existing fabric and style of the building. There are also differences in cost and installation time/complexity. If you are looking into partitioning offices as an option, because of the many different types available, it may be more useful to get in touch with us and discuss the options. We have installed most of the different systems so we can help you choose the best option for you.

In the meantime, here is some basic information that might be useful in considering different partitions types and partitions vs major structural change.

  1. Decide what the objectives of the partitions are and how the space/s are to be used.
  2. Consider if a partition may need to be moved at a future date.
  3. Gauge what qualities the partitioning will need to provide (durability, sound proofing, fire protection, light transmission)
  4. Visual appearance and finish. Should the partitioning fit in with existing fabric of building or contrast with it? Do you need larger open, light communal spaces or smaller, more private areas?