Retail Refurbishment and fit out

Woodman & Blount has undertaken numerous refurbishments for retail business premises which enables us to develop a thorough understanding of our clients needs. The reasons behind a retail refurbishment can be manifold from simply a change of ownership through to expansion, refreshing a store, compliance with new regulations or deriving greater operational efficiency.

The emphasis is on the project managers understanding of the client's objectives and meeting them within challenging time and cost targets. The key driver is the ratio of capital expenditure vs revenue and as well as other considerations, the limitation of downtime is critical whilst ensuring compliance with building regulations and H&S requirements.

A successful retail refurbishment centres around:

  • Expert project management.
  • The control of costs.
  • Accurate assessment of project risks and managing them proactively.
  • Minimising disruption to customers and store operations as far as possible.
  • Appropriately experienced, professionals involved that understand retail refurbishment and fit out.
  • Regular Liaison between client and contractor.

Most refurbishments and fit-outs are in either high street locations or can be close to residential units, or both. Woodman & Blount is experienced in the logistical and site management issues associated with location, deliveries and "considerate contractor" issues such as noise prevention.